about me


I have over 19 years experience working in Social Services and over 5 years supporting clients in my Psychotherapy Practice. My focus has been to assist people in all parts of their lives where they feel they can no longer move forward and to guide them on the path that they choose.

I believe that within all of us the path to healing is connected to the mind, body, spirit and emotions, beyond our own thought process. The past does not dictate the future, but it is a large part of us that has great influence in all aspects of our lives from self esteem, anxiety, relationships, parenting and healthy choices. By addressing cycles of negative behaviours and patterns that are no longer serving you and identifying fears we can work together toward achieving your personal goals that can lead to self awareness and happiness.

Aside from "talk therapy" I can provide a range of techniques from somatic/body psychotherapy, meditation and guided imagery along with other psycho-therapeutic modalities that can assist you in self exploration and connect to the root of your issues and barriers. 

My approach in therapy is integrative so that you do not have to go through the process alone. As your therapist I will meet you where you're at in your journey and I work on the basis that everyone works at a different pace.