Anxiety / Depression

Anxiety and depression can hold us back from not only happiness and enjoyment but sometimes even from functioning in our every day lives. It can leave us unable to carry out even the simplest of tasks.  Talking may help bring awareness and understanding to these feelings and start the path of empowerment rather than feeling imprisoned.


Grief / Loss

Going through a loss can have us question many things. Grieving is a part of healing we struggle with but talking about it can help put some pieces together.  How can we heal from the pain and still live a happy life?

  (Specializing in loss of pregnancy and babies)


Relationship Therapy

Connecting with a partner can be difficult as a relationship progresses. The struggles that develop can have us questioning ourselves or whether we were meant to be together at all.  Therapy for couples should not be a last resort but a tool to assist them as they explore what it means to be "together". 



Addiction help us to block and numb the pain and trauma from our past but can lead to destructive behaviours and damage relationships.  As addictions are not isolated only to substance abuse (i.e. shopping, gambling, food, technology etc) it can be unknown to most that they're repeated behaviours for "avoidance" are even an addiction at all.  All addictions can interfere with a healthy and connected life. Talking about these behaviours is the first step to figuring out what path to healing is right for you.


Self Esteem and Coping Skills

How can we find happiness when we're struggling with our own self worth?  We questions ourselves within our relationships and our jobs and we strive to build coping skills to manage our day to day.  But are the tools we've been giving or developed over the years helping us anymore?  Together we can work to move past the fear that is keeping us from being who we are!


Life Transition

Transition comes in many forms. As we grow and learn more about who we are and where our experiences are taking us we find ourselves shifting through a transition. This transition can have us feeling like we have a constant cloud over our head with confusion and not knowing where our path is taking us. Resisting this transition can be an ongoing battle that can lead to darker feelings of feeling stuck. Talking  can help us sort out the pieces of the transition  that can lead to clarity and hope and help move out of the fear of moving forward.